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    Baby Guard Pool Fence of Orlando, Florida

    Baby Guard Pool Fence of Orlando, Florida provides local sales and installation service for all of Central Florida. We proudly serve Orlando and all surrounding cities. Contact Alex Montemayor today at 407-522-8555 to get a free in-home estimate on your new swimming pool fence. We are the "Original Guard" pool fence company in the Orlando and Central Florida market since 1998.

    Our fences can be customized to fit any size pool. Baby Guard fences are available in either 4 or 5 foot heights and can be installed on nearly all deck surfaces. Baby Guard Pool Fence Company recommends a self-closing gate that will swing shut and is key-lockable. Baby Guard pool fences are available in plenty of colors and styles to match your outdoor color scheme. All Baby Guard pool fences are 100% rust-proof and come with a limited manufacturer's warranty.

    Swimming pool safety fences and accessories are mandatory in many cities, states, and communities, especially in Florida where it is pool season year-round. We, at Baby Guard, believe our swimming pool fences and self-closing gates are the most innovative and reliable pool safety products available today. Baby Guard pool fences comply within most local fencing regulations. Even though most laws are put in place to help prevent needless pool accidents, no fencing could ever guarantee your childs safety. Never a leave a child unsupervised with or without a pool safety barrier.


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Baby Guard Pool Fence Company has over 20 years of experience in the swimming pool safety fencing industry. When you contact an independent Baby Guard representative, you can be assured that they will have your childs safety in mind. With installation locations across the United States and abroad, you can bet that there is an independent installer near you.

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